Brunel Management: Buying   your   home   may   be   the   biggest   investment   you   will   ever   make.   It   is   essential that   your   investment   is   properly   maintained.   Brunel   Management   has   the   expertise and staff to manage your property efficiently and well. We    are    the    largest    residential    property    manager    in    the    Channel    Islands.    The directors   of   Brunel   have   been   looking   after   property   for   over   forty   years,   so   we   have a   wealth   of   experience   to   draw   upon.   We   have   acted   as   a   main   contractor   for   major clients,   developing   and   refurbishing   residential   units   and   commercial   properties.   We therefore   have   a   unique   breadth   of   knowledge   and   close   relationships   with   many suppliers,    from    which    our    customers    benefit.    So    we    understand    all    aspects    of property, saving our clients time and money.
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